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The Problem

IV leakage injury in premature babies

Pretect Devices’ IV Guardian is an innovative monitoring system that detects and prevents neonatal infiltration and extravasation injury from IV lines and in particular preterm neonates, which if not prevented can cause devastating injury and lead to debilitating lifelong conditions such as amputation. The IV Guardian is designed to be used in conjunction with existing NICU unit equipment and improves monitoring capability while reducing the requirement for manual observation by nurses and consultation from doctors. There are no current devices that monitor neonatal IV-line integrity and manual observation is the international standard, which leaves windows of hours where if leakage of the often caustic IV contents is sustained for even a short period of time tissue damage will ensue leading to blistering, infection, and in serious cases amputation. Furthermore, IV leakage prevents the administration of life saving drugs and sustenance which are often delivered intravenously to preterm babies as oral administration is not yet viable.

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